Lou Hart

Assistant Ride Leader

Lou, when not at school where she is studying for GCSEs, helps with all aspects of trekking.

Tom Passmore

Managing Partner

Tom has always spent every possible moment on horseback, breaking only to gain a BSc (Hons) in Animal Production Science from Leeds. He is the overall manager of the family business and also breeds sports horses.

Katie Sutton

Ride Leader

Katie helps occasionally at weekends when she is not away with Cressy at Trec competitions. She speaks fluent French, German and Italian, which may be useful!

Cressida Passmore


Cressy organizes and leads the Trail Rides during the summer when she is away from her full time occupation as a Maths teacher. Cressy enjoys competing around the country at BHS Trec competitions with her two horses, Punch and Storm.

Annabel Passmore


Annabel lives and works in London as a Civil Engineer, but returns to Wales together with her husband Jamie, to help with the trekking and to ride their horses, Saira, Aroha and Achilles.

Harriet Francis

Ride Leader

Originally hailing from Essex, Harri has ridden at Llanthony on holiday since she was 7 and now lives here permanently. A Ride Leader of several years' standing, her expertise is also in the breaking and schooling of horses.

Colin and Cordelia Passmore


of Hereford cattle and Welsh Mountain sheep on this 270 acre hill farm. Cordelia is usually in the office answering the telephone.

Bryony Passmore


Bryony takes a very active role in the family business, and has worked as a Mountain Leader and Outdoor Instructor since finishing Zoology at Newcastle University.You will probably have heard of her horse - Ace!

Siân Watkins

Ride Leader

Siân loves nothing more than a good natter! Our next 'farm' neighbour, Siân has always had her own ponies and is adding Ride Leader to her impressive resume of farming her own sheep, milking goats and cuddling her teeny poodles!

Mark Payne


Molly Owen

Assistant Ride Leader

A local girl who is currently studying Biology, Molly helps out when home from Southampton Uni. A keen horse rider who also enjoys music and other outdoor activities.

Joey Bellamy

Yard Manager

The love of Llanthony life and horses brings Joey back for a 3rd year. Having spent a year away in New Zealand - adding to her colourful travelling life which includes Spanish Ranches, French and Italian Ski Resorts - we wonder which of Penny's foals will steal her heart this time!

Paula Burrows and
Karen Hardwick

Ride Leaders

Paula and Karen are well qualified in all aspects of guiding as they have been helping at weekends since the 1990s. Paula comes hand in hoof with her pony Sparks, while Karen prefers to stick to her Llanthony favourites!