New Season Beginnings

Well its started, the new season that is. Well done to those eager customers who braved the elements – we had wind, rain, hail, snow and beautiful sunshine in the first two weeks of the 2008 season. Most of the horses are still in their warm and cosy rugs to protect them from the cold nights, the few that aren’t rugged have their thick and woolly coats to keep warm. An added advantage is that the clipped and rugged horses are not so hard to groom in the mornings!

Work is progressing with the new Belgian Draft mare Sienna, and our Shire, Duchess, mother of last year’s foal Velvet, to get them ready to join the trekking line. Cobalt, Tom’s gorgeous stallion is also doing very well and has even been leading some rides.

The eight mares expecting foals have been brought down from the top of the farm to a nearby field where Tom can keep an eye on them as foals are due in the coming weeks. It’s so exciting!

Lambing is now well under way under supervision of the resident vet student, Alexis, Tom’s friend from uni, and there have even been two very tiny calves born already.

So spring is definitely here, a lovely time of year in Llanthony. Just remember to wrap up warm and come and enjoy the fresh air with us!

Love from Karen and all at Llanthony Riding and Trekking.

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