Llanthony Update 31st May 2008

The new 2008 season has got off to a great start and the improving weather is opening up routes all across the valley.

We have recently added to our trekking horse team with Shire Kitty, little Halflinger Heidi and a stocky Ardennais called Sienna. All the guides are working hard teaching the new horses the ropes with hopes that soon they’ll be taking customers out on our various treks.

It’s an exciting time this spring as some of our mares are due to foal. Mares Saira, Brandy and Ebony have already given birth to fit and adorable little foals with others due any day. Last year’s foals Velvet and Sugar are out enjoying the grass along with their new playmate Violet, who is Sienna’s foal.

The team and our customers are enjoying the summer weather and beautiful scenery. With any luck the good weather will continue throughout the rest of our season. We hope to see you soon! ;0)
Steffi and Harri

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