End of Season Staff Trail Ride

The “Last Blast”…

…Our last ride of the season took place last weekend; ever in tradition the staff and friends of Llanthony Riding and Trekking sported their “Wild West” fancy dress outfits as directed by Big Chief Cressy and Big Chief Katie.  And what a laugh it was… wet, windy and wild were but a few seasonal accompaniments but it was certainly not enough to dampen our spirits.  Along with the tasselled chaps, Barbour skirts, pistols, headdresses, feathers, ponchos and hand painted patches on the horses everyone had names to match the theme, I shall name some…

Big Chief Cressy riding Punch;

Big Chief Katie riding Mercury;

Bronco Billy (Tom) riding Magic;

Dances with Kittens (Harri) riding Cookie;

Senorita Marguerita (Paula) riding Sparks;

Candy – the Pinkest Cowgirl in the West (Karen) riding Gossip;

Calamity Jane (Polly) riding Rosie;

Whisky Mac Kid (Keith) riding Warrior

and me Texas Ted or ‘Teddy’ with horse cuddly toy mascot Nutmeg attached and galloping along with me on Monty.

We all want to say what a great fun season we’ve had, regardless of the weather and it’s attempts to ensure no one ever wants to venture outdoors ever again!!! Thank-you to everyone who has ridden with us; customers, friends and staff; and of course thank-you to our lovely horses who, despite having lots of new arrivals this year, have got on with the job of carrying us all up and down mountains day in and day out.

We hope everyone enjoys the winter, who knows it may stop raining long enough for us to get some snow to play in! Good luck to all the horses that are away (on loan) for their winter holidays.

See you all next spring for the start of our 2009 Llanthony Riding and Trekking season.


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