Summer 2009

Well it’s been an extremely busy summer here so far this year, and guides and horses alike are looking forward to a well-earned break next week, when we’re all going to the beach for Tom’s birthday!

Two of our biggest horses have left us recently, with Sullivan going to be a police horse, and Sienna sold to a local family.

The Llanthony Show went really well, despite the weather, with most of the guides helping out with traffic control or in the secretary’s tent. Thanks everyone. (Trying to drink the beer tent dry does NOT count as helping Bryony!) Bryony and Ace won the champion trekking class, the first time Llanthony Pony Trekking has held the title since Ace’s Aunt Fortune and Cousin Morwyn held the titles about 10 years ago! The cup is back where it belongs! Harri and Cherry had a very respectable first outing with 3rd in class.

Katie and I took Ace and Magic to a TREC compeition last Sunday. To those unfamiliar it’s a new equestrian sport designed to test a horse’s suitability to go hacking over reasonable distances and to deal effectively with any obstacles that you might meet. It’s basically orienteering on horseback followed by an obstacle course. Despite getting hideously lost for what seemed like hours in a horrible wood, we actually came 6th (yes, there were more than 6 entries!) and are very proud of Ace and Magic who managed to do 30km in 3 and a half hours. They are absolutely fine, but I can hardly walk I’m so stiff and sore!

If you’re thinking of riding with us in the next few weeks, do book as early as possible as we’re getting full up really quickly at the moment. Best wishes to everyone, and here’s hoping for a bit more sun before the end of the summer!


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