Autumn 2009

Autumn 2009

The riding season is rapidly drawing to a close, the horses now have their cosy rugs on at night, but what a lovely September we had, it almost makes up for the lack of a summer! Beautiful autumn mornings see the leaves turning from green to a myriad of warm orange, red and brown shades.

News from the farm is that Harri has started her Farrier course at college and has moved to Longtown – we still see her at weekends as she keeps her hand in with trekking. Andi (who is Danish and most recently lived in America) has joined us recently as a new full time guide and has moved in with her dog (Dorian Grey) her Tennessee Walking Horse (Cervantes) and is just waiting for husband David to join her from New York.

There’s still lots to look forward to, but lots of work to do too. Tom is busy finding winter homes for the horses, the guides are racking their brains over fancy dress costumes for the staff trail ride in November (the theme this year is Space Trek!) and then of course the dinner dance is coming up when we all get to dress up in our finery and dance the night away.

Here’s a poem that we think sums it all up right now:


Crisp Autumn morning with a pale sun peering,

Picking out the highlights on chestnut, black and bay

Ten keen trekkers and their ten wise ponies,

Stringing out along the road to start a trekking day.

Start of soberly, steady on the tarmac,

(Walk, mare walk!) till we’re fairly out of town.

Now the leader’s trotting on (bring ‘em up behind, there!)

Rising to the rhythm with your hands well down.

Splash though a shallow stream – stop and take a drink, nag,

Brush through the heather where the late bees hum;

Clamber up the sheep track snaking round the hillside,

Easy now pony! There’s a steeper bit to come.

Wind along the gorsy moor, sitting nice and easy,

Slither down the stony path, slipping on the scree;

Steal a little canter where the turf lies smoothly,

Stop and let her graze where the grass springs free.

Gently down the home hill (oats begin to call, lass?)

Clatter through the stable yard – feeding will be fun.

Ten tired trekkers and their ten tired ponies,

Hungry, hot and happy with a good day done.

E Ladson.

Love from Karen and all at Court Farm.

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