Hello February 2010

The snow has gone, yahoo.!!

Llanthony life has been quite a slog the last couple of months, with the rain, mud, snow and ice. The foals (now almost yearlings) are none the wiser to the cold weather, snug and warm in their cozy straw barn…WITH ROOM SERVICE.!!

The older youngsters have had quite a rough time so far, being their first winter out fending for themselves…..but I couldn’t resist and hay was taken out regularly and the weaker ones brought into the barn on the worst nights…I think they know how to play me!

The broodmares are looking exceptionally well, Africa, Rio, Chilli and Willow are now into their final trimester..not long until new Llanthony babies arrive……..watch this space.

Cobalt has been in and ready to do ridden work after a summer out at grass (doing job no.2) but due to the ice-age returning to britain, so much for global warming, we have been unable to do anything. So instead he is getting fat and playing manly games with the colts that are in desperate need of a visit from the surgeon.

On a veterinary note, I have been saving up projects for our vet to undertake this winter after the flies have all died and are no longer a threat to infections. Bramble had his tooth removed that had abscessed in the summer and was not clearing up with antibiotics, not a straight forward operation but he is now recovering well in the absence of his 6” poison tooth – IT WAS HUGE.!!!

Murphy had a tumour removed from his sheath and has suprised everyone on the team with the fastest recovery in the history of equine operations, not bad for a cob that has spent the last 20 years working hard. Heres to the next 20 years, good one Murph.

Horses that are out on loan are all doing well. Monty in particular has been having a whale of a time with Cerys in Llangenni, dressage, jumping, riding club events, lessons, and a family that loves him. It sounds like no one has been doing too much riding this winter, no suprises there with white stuff everywhere, but I imagine the horses are just happy to get some TLC.

The horses that are at Hartpury college are participating in a feed trial to investigate the effects of red-clover forage on the microbial populations in the hind gut, good luck everyone.

Now we are into February I can start getting excited about the start of the trekking season again, woohoo. Harri is moving back here in a couple of weeks to help me prepare, we have all sorts of things to get ready.

2010 is going to be a FANTASTIC year for riding I can feel it in my bones. We have popular horses back in work after maternity leave last season, Rosie has many eager fans awaiting her return to work, as do Gossip, Duchess, Seren and Lady. We also have Saira who is going to do some work this year after several foals and years of being Annabels private riding horse, I think she will enjoy the change and take very well to trekking.

There are LOADS of young horses that are lining up ready for training in the hope of making the grade and joining our ranks. Bonnie has been waiting her turn for 2 years, although the time was well spent raising her colt – Captain. Firefly, Maestro and Erehwon are my own youngsters that were supposed to begin training last year but I ran out of time, this year they will have to be my priority. AND we also have the 3yr olds, Velvet, Sugar and Violet who are going to need to start their training too, although not until later in the year when they have fully grown up.

GOOD. Now I am most definitely excited. Can’t wait to see you all. – We open Thur 1st April 2010.

Best Wishes


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