July 2010

Well the longest day has come and gone, and finally we get some gorgeous weather! Bright and sunny, and hot enough to take the horses for a welcome paddle and a splash in the river at the end of the day, which they love. The horses are all now super fit (a few are still a bit fat too!) and have shiny glossy coats.

We have welcomed a new guide for the summer to help for the holidays – Kelly has got straight into the swing of things, learning the different routes, and like Joey is riding as many of the horses as possible to get to know them and choose her favourite! Kelly is from a farming background, has working at riding centres previously and is currently studying Outdoor Education at university, so she is with us until the end of the holidays.

Maestro and Erehwon have both undertaken their first treks after some intensive training and “baby-rides” out with Tom and Harri, both these youngsters are taking to it very well. Bonnie is coming along really well too along with all the other regulars.

Cressy and Katie have been out and about in Cressy’s new lorry to more Le Trec events, doing very well with Flame and Ace, they can go further afield now as the lorry has living accommodation. And of course it’s blue to go with their very own colour scheme of “That Blue Pair”.

“Bryony-and-Tom Fest” happened recently with all sorts of activities organised including group rides, a fancy dress party and barbecue and a cake decorating competition. The fancy dress theme was Disney and all the costumes were made with great care and innovation, especially Joey as Buzz Lightyear! There were Peter Pans, Tinkerbells, Captain Hook, Cruella de Ville (X2), several very spotty Dalmatians, Mary Poppins, Belle, Aladdin and the Genie plus magic carpet, Pocahontas and many many more. The faces of the bemused campers walking by were great! Some even remembered us from the previous years.

Of course the main event of the summer is Annabel and Jamie’s wedding – preparations enter the final phase now ready for the big day coming up very soon. Everyone is really looking forward to the day itself, the day after the wedding (hangovers permitting) is given over for games at the happy couple’s request. Anyway, I will be there to make a photographic record of the whole thing alongside Katie with her video camera.

Summer holidays are approaching fast when we are expecting to be busy, remember to book up well in advance for treks and hacks to avoid disappointment. Oh, and remember plenty of sun cream!

Love from Karen and all at Court Farm.

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