Tom’s birthday beach ride

On Tuesday 31st August nine of the horses from LR&T were loaded up on to two lorries and Paula’s trailer and set off on the long journey to Rhosilli at The Gower.  Why?  For Tom’s birthday beach ride the next day of course!  Most loaded up fine as they knew something different was happening.  Murphy virtually ran on to the trailer!  Rosie took her time, but eventually decided to walk on the lorry, much to everyone’s relief.  The other horses were Ace, Flame, Sparks, Saira, Monty, Aroha and Oscar.

Colin, Cordelia, Harri and Trip the lurcher accompanied birthday boy Tom, with Cressy, Bryony, Annabel, Paula, Joey, Kelly, Polly and me to the Pilton Moor livery yard, where we pitched our tents – more glamping than camping with Tom’s mattress – and had a great evening around the campfire with games of pass the parcel and a wondrous chocolate cake made by Cressy in the shape of a hen house complete with Tom’s four chickens!  The horses were also accommodated in luxury with a lush paddock to graze in.

The day of Tom’s birthday was fabulous weather so after a hearty breakfast we set off on some very excited horses for an hour’s ride to the beach.  Only one problem.  Tom forgot his jodhpurs so had to ride in his PJs!  We found an empty stretch of sand and let the horses run – an exhilarating feeling to gallop along the sand, canter through the surf and in Cressy and Flame’s case get as near to swimming as possible!  They were soaked from head to foot but beaming!  We all were, and nobody fell in the water this time.  When we felt the horses and us had had enough excitement we found a spot nearby to have a snack and a drink, sharing with the horses of course.  Murphy enjoyed my flapjack and apple, Sparks tried to get Paula’s apple juice off her!  We found our way back to the yard (our guide to the beach had left us playing!) where we had some wonderful homemade Minestrone soup to set us up for the long journey home.

We made it back just as it was getting dark so unloaded quickly and sorted everything our the next day, tired but happy.  All the beach horses had a day and a half off after that, but none seemed any the worse for all the fun and excitement.  The tack was all cleaned and oiled to get the sand and salt out – it gets absolutely everywhere.  Until Paula’s trailer was moved off the yard Murphy kept stopping and looking in when he got to it when being turned out as if to say “lets go again!”  He loves travelling to do different things.

A big thanks to everyone who made it possible, with organisation, catering, driving lorries or towing trailers, lending of camping gear and sorting B&B for the horses – it was a brilliant time, especially for Tom on his birthday and for Joey who rode on a beach for the first time ever!

Love from Karen and all at Court Farm.

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