Start of the Summer

Latest news from the farm includes some new foals, lots of new chicks being hatched and cared for by Tom’s chickens (see photos on Facebook), some new horses and a new member of staff!  Tom has two new foals and another imminent, and our new horses are Fluffy, who is very young and learning all about work, and Bertie, a bit older and more experienced, already popular for hacking.  All our new additions are settling in very well.

Kelly is back from university having completed her exams, and our new helper Lou has been with us since Easter working at weekends and in school holidays.  She has settled right in to the swing of things, getting involved in everything from going out on the rides to making tea and sweeping the yard.  Some regular readers may remember Splodge who retired some years ago – well he’s still fighting fit and being looked after by Lou a bit further up the Valley, so it’s really nice to get regular updates on him.

Fortune, another of our oldest trekking horses has now retired to a lovely family where she is living very comfortably and enjoying occasional rides out.  Maestro and Erewhon are now working regularly with Joey and Kelly.  Violet is being trained up for joining the line and Velvet is also now going to come into work.

With more good weather forecast we are all looking forward to the summer, the show isn’t far away and then Bryony’s wedding – so it’s all go at the moment.  Don’t forget to phone and get booked in, especially for those long sunny days – there’s nothing better than being on the hill in the sunshine!

Love from Karen and all at Court Farm.

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