Staff Beach Ride

Let’s set the scene … Bright blue skies, brilliant sunshine, sandy beach and the sound of galloping hooves, sound like heaven?  Yes it most definitely was!

It all started on Tuesday when two lorries were prepared for a trip to the beach. Horses were loaded, Sparks and Bramble on Cressy’s lorry with Violet, Velvet, Erehwon and Maestro on Colin’s lorry then off we set to drive to Tankey Lake Livery Yard, near Rhossilli on the Gower, South Wales.

The horses were unloaded into a sweet little paddock for a roll and straight into tasting new grass.  Cressy and Colin set up the chuck wagon while Kelly, Tom and I set up our tents with copious amounts of bedding – well the forecast was for a cool night.  Alex, Joey and Claire soon arrived and we all set off to walk into Llangennith for our evening meal at the local pub.

Curry night prevailed followed by serious sessions on the pool table (Tom is now pronounced a Hustler) plus some unusual choices on the juke box thanks Alex and Cressy).  Needless to say we were the last men and women standing.  A gentle stroll back up the hill and down to our beds followed.

A good night’s sleep, not disturbed by Claire’s snoring, and we were all up for a feast of a breakfast prepared by Cressy, ably assisted by Alex – yummy bacon and egg rolls with tea and coffee all round, not forgetting Kelly and her choccy biscuits and Magic chocolate Stars.

Then horses were groomed and tacked up, and off we set for the beach, starting with a gentle ride along the heath and down onto the beach.  Colin and Alex bravely walked carrying extra gear, just in case, Alex being our official photographer.

Once onto the beach and away from sunbathers, swimmers and walkers we all had fun cantering and galloping and eventually going for a dip in the sea.

Thanks and laughs go to:

  • Colin for his patience with us all, for sharing the driving and the first round at the pub
  • Alex for his unusual choice of music (well he called it music) and for being the barefoot, running photographer
  • Tom for having a birthday on 1st September and inviting his friends to join in the fun, plus his manic smile on Violet in the sea and on land
  • Cressy for organising the whole outing, being head chef, leading the way on Bramble and proving that she really is a mermaid and Bramble a seahorse
  • Joey and Maestro for their circus antics jumping waves, cantering off into the sea with us all wondering how on earth Joey was still in the saddle
  • Kelly and Erehwon for preparing themselves for a future living next to a beach, looking extremely elegant and having the most fun jumping/bucking across the water inlets running across the beach
  • Claire and Velvet for being soooo SPECIAL!
  • Sparks for eventually taking a dip and proving that horses can swim, even with the likes of me on his back screeching like a banshee with excitement.

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We hope to see you all soon enjoying our own little bit of heaven in the beautiful Black Mountains.


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