July Update

We need to let you know what’s been happening on the farm since our last update about Pete.

July has seen yet more unsettled weather, which we think may have put some people off coming to ride. Please don’t be discouraged, we can lend you waterproof clothing if you don’t have any! There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes! Bring a spare set with you to change after the ride.

There was a staff outing to the opening day of the Royal Welsh Show – we went specifically to see Tom judging the Trekking classes and a very good job he did of it. Loud cheers came from the section of the crowd kitted out in Llanthony green tops! Supreme Champion was given to a very small girl and her incredibly well behaved roan pony.

The weather was glorious all day, so much shopping to do, so much scrummy food to eat and so many things to see, beautiful horses of all kinds, livestock, pole climbing, motorbike stunts, Cossacks on amazing horses also doing stunts, free falling parachutists, mounted games and much much more. We were all very tired after a long but enjoyable day.

There was also the recent “Tom and Bryony Fest” in the Bunkbarn with a fancy dress theme of farmyard animals. It was funny to see the faces of passers by from the camping field looking at all the wonderful costumes of various cows, sheep, pigs, chickens/ducks/geese, cats, a mule, a goat and even a peacock. Bryony dressed up as her horse Ace, Tom was a very convincing sheep and a fun time was had by all.

Things begin to get very exciting over the next couple of weeks as the show isn’t far away. There are all sorts of plans brewing for a float, but we can’t tell you the theme yet, you’ll have to come along on Saturday 2nd August and find out! As usual there will be entries from Court Farm in lots of classes, jumping, trekking, gymkhana and lots more. It’s a great family day out with something for everyone. Make a weekend of it and explore the beautiful surroundings either on foot, bicycle or on horseback.

We say goodbye very shortly to one of our trek leaders Steffi who has been working with us for a while now, we are sad to see her leaving. Steffi has worked very hard and her lively and outgoing personality has been a hit with all our customers. We will miss you Steffi, do keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. What will the Guinea Pigs do now, Harri will have to cuddle both at the same time!

That’s all for now, there will be another update after the show, but we would love to see as many people there as possible to support it after the cancellation last year due to the very wet weather. The good news is that the field has been cut and is being got ready for show day – Saturday 2nd August.

Love from Karen and all at Llanthony Riding and Trekking.

Cowboy Pete back in the saddle!

I went to see Pete the other day, to take him a retirement gift from Llanthony Riding and Trekking (a signed photo of us on our trail ride all in fancy dress!) and to see how he has been since his hip operation in January (see earlier update).

The fantastic news is that the recovery from the hip replacement has been complete, and Pete is now looking more like his old self and is pain free. He’s been regularly walking Stanley the dog and building up his strength.

For all of you regular customers who have been asking, I passed on all your best wishes, which he was delighted about.

EVEN BETTER NEWS – Pete is riding again! Whoop Whoop! He’s been doing some riding out on the flat at his local stables, and is planning a longer ride on Cannock Chase, about 30 miles from where he and Margaret live. Margaret is also back in the saddle after a while not riding, its great that they can both enjoy this wonderful hobby together.

There is also a very good possibility that Pete (and Margaret) will be back to ride in his beloved valley before too long. He won’t be riding up any mountains just yet, but on the flat in the forestry will be ideal. Pete, if you are reading this we can’t wait to see you back in Llanthony!

I know many of you have been waiting eagerly for an update on Cowboy Pete, and I am so pleased to be the bearer of such good news.

Bye for now

Love Karen

18th June 2008

Llanthony Update 31st May 2008

The new 2008 season has got off to a great start and the improving weather is opening up routes all across the valley.

We have recently added to our trekking horse team with Shire Kitty, little Halflinger Heidi and a stocky Ardennais called Sienna. All the guides are working hard teaching the new horses the ropes with hopes that soon they’ll be taking customers out on our various treks.

It’s an exciting time this spring as some of our mares are due to foal. Mares Saira, Brandy and Ebony have already given birth to fit and adorable little foals with others due any day. Last year’s foals Velvet and Sugar are out enjoying the grass along with their new playmate Violet, who is Sienna’s foal.

The team and our customers are enjoying the summer weather and beautiful scenery. With any luck the good weather will continue throughout the rest of our season. We hope to see you soon! ;0)
Steffi and Harri

New Season Beginnings

Well its started, the new season that is. Well done to those eager customers who braved the elements – we had wind, rain, hail, snow and beautiful sunshine in the first two weeks of the 2008 season. Most of the horses are still in their warm and cosy rugs to protect them from the cold nights, the few that aren’t rugged have their thick and woolly coats to keep warm. An added advantage is that the clipped and rugged horses are not so hard to groom in the mornings!

Work is progressing with the new Belgian Draft mare Sienna, and our Shire, Duchess, mother of last year’s foal Velvet, to get them ready to join the trekking line. Cobalt, Tom’s gorgeous stallion is also doing very well and has even been leading some rides.

The eight mares expecting foals have been brought down from the top of the farm to a nearby field where Tom can keep an eye on them as foals are due in the coming weeks. It’s so exciting!

Lambing is now well under way under supervision of the resident vet student, Alexis, Tom’s friend from uni, and there have even been two very tiny calves born already.

So spring is definitely here, a lovely time of year in Llanthony. Just remember to wrap up warm and come and enjoy the fresh air with us!

Love from Karen and all at Llanthony Riding and Trekking.

New Season

It’s nearly here – the new season of riding is almost upon us and preparations are well in hand for the first ride of the season on Saturday 29th March.

Harri and Steffi, our full time guides, are busily getting things ready, Tom is organising the return of those horses and ponies who have been away for the winter, and everywhere is being spruced up after the long dull winter.

We have all been riding the routes and checking them out this Easter weekend – in the snow, hail, rain and wind. Next weekend’s weather will be much better!

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of lots of foals this year – hopefully we will get photos up on the website as and when they are all born in a few weeks time. Before that of course is lambing, one of the busiest times of the farming year and always a welcome sign that spring is here, although not for those on the late night shift.

We look forward to seeing you all during the coming season, so give us a call or drop us an email. Dates and prices for 2008 are now on the website.

Love from all at Llanthony Riding and Trekking